Creative. Adventurous. Curious. Sensitive. Resourceful. Multidisciplinary. Human.


Tara Hakim -- تارة حكيم -- Artist, Filmmaker and Creative. Born & raised in Amman - Jordan, based in Toronto. Graduate of Kingston University with a BA in Media & Cultural Studies. Graduate of Ryerson University with a MFA in Documentary Media. Fascinated with human nature, experience and mental health. 

My work is process based. The outcome is never known. I start with an idea, a concept, a feeling, a subconscious drive and go from there. I follow the trail of my thoughts, jumping off at any point I deem worthy of exploring. Often, I consider an idea and then disregard it. Or I may allow the idea to lead me. I embrace spontaneity and chance. I find that if I follow my instincts, and allow for an organic flow to unfold, the work emerges as a result of the process.  I trust in the relationship that happens between research and outcome, and that magic that occurs in the spaces in-between.


I work with video, installation, photography, sound and performance in the material and ephemeral world. I strive to offer unique ways of interacting, interpreting, and responding to the world around me. My work can  considered as an aesthetic, experimental, and playful meditation on the everyday and the personal, often delving into intercultural and intergenerational existences, love, the inner landscapes of human beings or mental health.  I play with the boundaries of fiction and non-fiction, the poetic and the real — all in an attempt to restore the sense of wonder, and hopefully that of others, with the everyday, the mundane and the dis-regarded details of our lives. I strive to see, live and express through feeling — 100% embodied. The world is magical, emotional, wild and ordinarily extraordinary. As children we are guided by this wonder, as adults we tend to forget. I want to remember, feel and see; I want to re-instill a childlike wonder in myself and others—100% embodied, 100% present.  




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