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I am a mad multidisciplinary artist who creates as a way of healing, self-care and discovery. I have a BA (Hons.) in Media & Cultural Studies and an MFA degree in Documentary Media.


Originally Palestinian, born and raised in Jordan with an Austrian grandmother, I create public displays of vulnerability that invite the viewer to meditate on notions of self, multi-cultural identities, and spaces in between – both physically and mentally. My autobiographical practice began when I turned the lens towards myself as a way of healing, self-improvement, and discovery as I recovered from anorexia at the age of sixteen. Since then, my work has evolved into a continuous exploration and expression of my internal world as I seek to reconcile myself and the world around me. Working with video, photography, and performance, my highly personal works employ my own likeness and internal explorations to express and elicit emotion or thought. 

The formal aspects of my work can be considered as experimental, playful, and meditative. However, it seeks to weave the complexities of cultural history and my own personal psychology. The intention here being, to open up the possibilities of love and heartache, gender and intimacy, sexuality, and mixed-racial identity. My visual expressions seek to offer alternate ways of interacting, interpreting, and responding to the world within and around me. Often, I place myself and elements of the real – the bougainvillea being a recurrent character – against the backdrop of a constructed mise-en-scène, creating a meditative space that lies in-between the boundaries of the poetic and the real.

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