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Courage in crazy

In Arabic, the gorgeously wild Bougainvillea is known as مَجْنُونَة (Majnūna). The word مَجْنُونَة (Majnūna) means Crazy. Aiming to reclaim the word ‘Crazy’ and practice self-care in the midst of a bout of depression, I turn to the Bougainvillea for guidance. My gentle and visceral self-portraits illustrate my efforts of practicing self-care and self-love through an engagement with the plant and its system of care. I interact with and at times embody the plant. What results is an emotive relationship of mutual care and exploration of self through plant, and plant through self. An intuitive and embodied take on a system of care that aims to delve into issues of mental health and assist me in embracing the ‘crazy’ and practicing self-love.  

Below is a 360 video of one iteration of this body of work at Charles Street Video, Toronto, 2022

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