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I’m in my mind a lot. At times more than others. And at times, it’s overwhelming, it's dark, it's never ending—or that’s what it feels like. Water has always been a part of my life.


When I was younger, breathing underwater was the superpower I wished for. When I was a little older, i’d swim to clear my mind. To let go. To forget a little, and dream. I realize now that my psyche and state of mind mirror water, and from water, I could learn. It’s powerful, yet gentle. Its fast, yet slow. It's rough, yet smooth. The tide comes and goes. Waves rise and fall. Nothing is static. Nothing is never ending. I remind myself of that. To be like water. To flow through things, both the highs and lows.


It passes. It ends. It happens again, sometimes better and sometimes worse. But each time, I try to go with the current, clinging to motion, to change, to experience, as opposed to resisting and lingering.


Here I reflect on this cyclical process. An experimental sensorial short re-imagining old underwater footage paired with snippets of my voice that reflect my mental process. 

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