Creating has always been my means to explore, feel, express, question, heal, hurt and get to know myself. In times of darkness, in states of seeking light, I find myself making art. When I create in this way, I am both creator and subject, on the inside and outside. Creating becomes a space I use to delve into, experience, understand and define my mental state. Creating becomes a space I use to delve into the personal, the psychological, the experience of being human. In this space I seek to understand myself to understand others. The work comes out of these in-depth self analyses and play to unearth answers and consequential creativity...


Without intention, this autobiographical body of work, which equally presents itself as auto-ethnographical research, has grown over the years, and I realize now that it will forever flow.  

This page will become the online space for this body of work, for this endless delving into the self with no foreseen expiration date. 

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