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On the morning of the 5th of February 2020, I sat in my sister's kitchen in Lusaka, Zambia looking out the window both watching and listening to the monsoon rain envelop the outdoors. A month earlier, in the spur of minutes, I made the decision to fly out to my sister in Zambia instead of returning to my home in Toronto, a place, at that time, heavy with emotion and heartbreak. Two weeks in Zambia had passed – thousands of miles away from Toronto – and yet my mimd raced and remained in the past. I was stuck in a state of self-attack, guilt and hopelessness, overcome by emotion. 

That morning, the heavy yet calm embrace of the rain brought me back to the present, if only for a moment. In that moment, I decided to implement an exercise in photography in hopes of shifting my space of mind into the present more often.


I had two rules:

1 Go on a walk

2 Take photos while on walk

*During the time I took these walks and photos, I found myself sharing quotes and pieces of texts on Instagram that reflected my state of mind as time passed, feelings were felt and all I was trying to do was process, breathe and accept. These textual pieces add a new, yet optional context to these images. View Here 

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