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 I venture a life of being true. Being kind, vulnerable and accepting, being adventurous, strong and patient. 


I search knowledge and understanding in everything I do, in my way and others’ way of being, in our minds and bodies, and in the world around me, wherever I may be. I love learning, I ask a lot of questions. I don’t talk much, I am more of an observer and thinker and express myself in more creative ways. 


AROUND five years ago, while on a trekking trip in Nepal, I was introduced to Yoga and haven’t stopped since then. It began with meditation and breathing as a way to calm my mind and thoughts, a way to connect with myself and my surroundings, my surroundings mostly being the outdoors. Eventually it evolved into a physical practice as well. The more I practiced postures and the more I meditated, the better I felt. 


FOR the next two years, after having found a studio and class I enjoyed, I practiced Yoga three times a week and sometimes more. The teacher is an experienced, well rounded teacher that combined different elements of Yoga into her class, it was a combination of restorative, hatha, vinyasa and pranayama. I only realised how much I enjoyed it, but also benefited from the classes, when I didn’t practice for a week or more. My body was aching, my mind was running, and I felt something was missing. That was the moment I knew, I need to expand on my knowledge in Yoga, but also incorporate it into my life, through postures, through breathing, through its philosophy. Ultimately, I wanted Yoga to become my way of life. 


THE three years after that, I lived in Kingston, UK, where I studied Media and Cultural Studies. I developed my home practice, or rather park and garden practice, and found a regular class to go to. More than that, I began to read about the philosophy behind Yoga, as well as the vast array of poses and styles. I was intrigued. One summer, I decided to throw myself into a one month intensive teacher training program in Toronto, Canada based on three disciplinary lineages – Classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Hot Yoga. It was a tough yet extremely fulfilling experience, and one that left me more able to practice safely, teach safely and live Yoga. 


THE class I offer is a gentle one, incorporating more than one style. My intention is to relax, calm and connect the mind, body and soul. A combination of breathing exercises, flow, stretches and restorative poses where we remain in a certain pose for a longer period of time, leading toward a more healing and recuperative experience. It is a class that will help slow down the pace of life, encourage mindfulness and self-awareness, both in the body and mind, and will ultimately leave you feeling relaxed, open and connected to your whole self. It is a dynamic yet grounded class, that is tailored according to my students and their needs. 

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